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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Chazper San Miguel

Here’s an update of this review post on the duration of my mom’s shingles  after trying out the natural treatments prescribed by the system and comparing it with her treatment using conventional medicines alone. An update here is the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables, it further decreased the duration of shingles outbreak to one day (if you can call that an outbreak).

Note that her shingles has been recurring for 5 years and her last full blown outbreak was last September 2012.

.(See Below Video of My Mom – Turn Your Speakers On)


Duration of Mom’s Shingles on Different Treatments


(September 6, 2012) In this post I’ll discuss about the duration of my mom’s shingles using the Fast Shingles Cure System a shingles treatment that uses natural remedies, written by Nutrition Specialist and Health Consultant Bob Carlton.




Conventional Shingles Treatment

For comparison sake, let me first summarize the case of my mom’s use of usual toxic drugs in the treatment of her shingles:


Duration of Shingles using Conventional Medicines:         4 weeks (from onset to the clearing out of the rashes)

Start of Shingles Treatment: 1st day  symptoms appeared (note: it is important to treat shingles within 72 hours to have the duration and severity reduced)
Age of my Mom: started when she was 55 until 59 years old
Overall Health Condition: No immune related disease, not taking immune suppressant drugs. Location: From below her breast going toward her back.
Physical Lifestyle: After a day or two of shingles treatment… she is buying groceries, teaching, church activities (I know, she should be resting to speed up recovery but she is a stubborn industrious mom!)


Even though she was able to do such activities, she still waits for the pain to subside. Sometimes it’s there and then it becomes tolerable. But when the pain is there… it’s really there!

But because her treatment started immediately, the severity and duration was reduced. In any case it was still a problem… as the saying goes, an old disease for the old (well, that is usually the case but it can also occur in young people).

As the years passed by, the severity and duration of each outbreak was reduced. But still her shingles outbreak frequently occurs (recurring shingles).

So now I think it’s really high time to check for a natural shingles treatment or remedy to balanced out the risk of taking toxic medicines vs. effectiveness of natural remedies. If natural remedies for shingles are effective AND efficient (can cure fast) then why take the conventional medicines right?


Natural Shingles Treatment

So today, I’ll share with you the results of using natural remedies to treat my mom’s recurring shingles.

As already mentioned, my goal is to avoid my mom from being exposed to the possible side effects of prolong use of her doctor’s prescribed drugs to treat shingles.

Specifically, I’ll expose the truth behind Bob Carlton’s  Fast Shingles Cure system, with his claim that it can cure shingles in 3 days or less using natural or home remedies. “Come on Chazper! You can’t expect me to believe that shingles can be treated in 3 days!” – you might exclaim as I did when I first saw this book.


Don’t worry, unlike other review blogs this is an unbiased review. Just to say this upfront, I have both positive and negative comments about the Fast Shingles Cure system.

I’ve got my hands on Bob’s Fast Shingles Cure System this year and had my mom followed his system when she got another patch of rash (1.5 inch diameter) starting to appear at her back.



The Good and the Bad in a Nutshell

Fast Shingles Cure is probably the most comprehensive guide for shingles treatment using natural and home remedies. No need for further research and sorting out the hundreds and thousands of articles in the web just to find a few of the treatments prescribed in the book.

The book prescribes a bathing system using ingredients that you can easily find right at your home (from baking soda to oats). It also prescribes the use of natural ingredients like neem leaves to effectively reduce/eliminate itchiness and heal shingles fast. You can buy most of these natural remedies at your local health shop, as what I’ve did in my video above.


My mom had some challenges in following the system. They are as follows:

  1. No bathtub. Yes, the average Filipino household does not have a bathtub! So we need to improvise by buying a small inflatable tub
  2. Work. As I’ve already mentioned, my mom is a stubbornly industrious person. The system recommends to take rest for you to quickly heal your shingles. But after a day she went out to work. This may have prolong the healing process as it took around 10 days instead of the 3 days claimed by the book. Once I found out that she was working, I asked her to take a rest…. gosh.
  3. Frequency of taking needed bath and applying the remedies. The system requires taking the said baths and topical remedies for every 3 or 4 hours in a day. As my mom is working, she was not able to religiously follow this. Although she goes home during lunch break to take the bath and remedies she was able to do these 3  x a day only.
  4. Sticking to the recommended dosage. I don’t know why my mom only took one capsule a day of the special oil mentioned in the ebook. But as soon as I found out, I called her to take the number of recommended capsules as mentioned in the bottle (i.e. 2 x a day). “I’ve researched it and it’s safe, it’s just like your grapeseed oil mom. It’s safe and natural”.  If you’re like me, you need to supervise your parents as they grow old. It was difficult for me because I’m hundreds of kilometer away from her, so we only communicated through phone.


Clippings of Fast Shingles Cure 2

What I like about the Fast Shingles Cure system. 

You could probably find a lot of good points once you try the system out yourself. I’m not here to do a sales talk on the system so I will not mention all of its benefits; you can just check Bob’s website.

So to cut my story short, for me there are 3 major things that I like about Fast Shingles Cure system… and they are exactly what I was looking for for my mom. They are as follows:

    1. It cured my mom’s outbreak in 10 days instead of the usual 30 days (when using conventional medicines only). Less 20 days of pain, blisters and inconvenience of not able to do the things my mom loved.
      1. I won’t embellish my review by telling you that it cured my mom in 3 days. Maybe it can in some people, but different people have different health conditions. I will also not tell you that my mom only used the natural remedies of the system, because she also took antiviral drugs in her last outbreak.
    2. It stopped my mom’s 5-year recurring shingles! Thus, she no longer have to take her toxic antiviral drugs every month! Taking away the risks of experiencing the negative side effects of her medicines prolong use. No more scarring, no more itchiness etc.
    3. It helped my mom to live a healthier life through the information the book provided plus the other accompanying health books Bob provided.



In Summary, What Do I Think?

You need to prioritize your shingles treatment over “other” activities you are busy with in your life for you to quickly recuperate.

If you want to cure your shingles fast with natural remedies, strictly follow the system. No eating of that very common household ingredient that prolong the healing process. Relax, rest, take a leave of absence! Stay POSITIVE. Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to fight off this disease.

Take actions TODAY not tomorrow.

Throughout this whole shingles treatment, whatever path you want to take (conventional or natural), don’t forget to pray and seek divine healing from the One that healeth and giveth life. Yes, no matter how rich you are, no matter how much medicines you can afford to buy… all of these are useless if you don’t have life.

I hope this review helped you in your search for a natural and fast shingles cure. If you have questions or comments, you can leave a message here or send me an email (see contact me page).


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To you and your loved one’s health! – Chazper

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